How To Cook With Stainless Steel Pan

You have some questions related to stainless steel cookware stuff, like “Is stainless steel cookware safe?”, don’t you?

In the kitchen stuff market, stainless steel cookware is one of the most widely-used sets, beside best copper cookware, best nonstick cookware and so on.

In spite of its popularity, I’m strongly sure the number of those who don’t know how to cook with stainless steel pan, for example.

Therefore, today I have made a brief decision on writing this post which gives you some handy tips for cooking.

Hopefully, you will use properly stainless steel cookware in general and stainless steel pan in particular.

how to cook with stainless steel pan

5 secrets with stainless steel pans

1. Non-stick

This tip is probably summarized as “hot pan, cold oil”. Heat your pan at low temperature. Add a little bit cooking oil around the bottom of the pan and let it hot enough.

Done! You have just turned your stainless steel pan into a non-stick cooking pan.

2. Use a lower temperature

A brief note for users is to let stainless steel pan under the lower fire because of the multi-ply construction.

It means that both sides and bottom of the pan heat evenly, thus the food is certainly cooked in multiple directions NOT ONLY ONE.

3. Don’t remove the brown bits

During cooking food, there are some brown bits at the bottom of the stainless steel pan.

However, don’t discard them because they are the good sources of some amazing flavor.

4. Don’t warp high-temperatured stainless pan

If when your stainless steel pans are at temperature extremes, you let them under the faucet to cool them shortly, they will suddenly warp.

Another warning is that don’t put them on the damp towels or cold marble counter tops.

Moreover, don’t add some frozen ingredients into the high-temperature stainless steel pans.

5. Don’t scour while washing

Actually, stainless steel is one of the softest materials.

Therefore, you’d better to add extra baking soda and sponge to clean the stainless steel pans. Remember to rinse gently!

How to cook with stainless steel pan

In this part of “how to cook with stainless steel pan”, I will give you 7 basic steps to cook properly with stainless steel pan.

Step 1: Preheat the pan correctly

As far as I’m concerned, stainless steel is porous with the edges of stick-causing things.

The purpose of this step is to expand the construction of the stainless steel pan, close the pores and create a proper cooking surface. (Another way is to add cooking oil).

However, you must not add the cooking oil during preheating.

Touch the rim of the stainless steel pan so as to make sure that your hand is hot enough.

Don’t increase the temperature too quickly.

how to cook with stainless steel pan

Step 2: Add cooking oil after preheating

After preheating properly the stainless steel pan, you’re free to add the cooking oil.

Allow the oil to be hot enough in 5-10 seconds and it’s high time to cook food.

how to cook with stainless steel pan

Step 3: Test the ready-to-flip level with meat

After heating the oiled stainless steel pan, use a small piece of meat to test the read-to-flip level of the pan.

If the meat is browned and ready to flip, it won’t stick.

That the meat will be properly seared results in the ease of flipping.


You have already read some useful information about “how to cook with stainless steel pan”.

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Finally, sincerely thank you for reading carefully this post!

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